Pet Portraits

Choosing to bring a furry companion into our lives is one of those life defining moments that we animal lovers never tend to forget. Their entry into our lives often has such an impact on us that we consider them, not just pets, but rather, as integral members of our family. Our fur friends often travel so closely beside us that they not only share in, but become a part of our journey, teaching us, among many other things, that loyalty can be constant, companionship unwavering and love unconditional, qualities that forge an unbreakable bond, a bond that remains with us all our life long, even when they are no longer physically walking beside us.

Why choose me to be your pet photographer?

Just like our 2 legged family members, each one of our cuddly companions brings with them their own unique personality, indelible character and story to tell. I am here to visually immortalise that story, to suspend in time those moments and those nuances that make your fur buddy so special and to encapsulate the bond that you share, so that you can hold onto them forever.

My philosophy embraces a natural approach to pet portraiture. I will spend time getting to know your best friend through observation, play, or just letting them be & do. I find that trust, play, respect and treats are a good recipe for making that magic in front of the lens happen. Whether you have an eccentric uncle Arthur, a demure great Aunt Maud, a cheeky ragamuffin or a fun loving, hyperactive youngling in your fur family, I welcome them all … and all those in between!

PS: Every session also comes with ear scritches, belly rubs, & chin tickles, (as well as treats), in exchange for ear licks, and purry nuzzles. Slobbery kisses are, of course, mandatory.

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